Starlights SWAROVSKI Tubes

Swarovski Rock Tube:

Starlight (Swarovski Rock Tube):

The Starlights (Swarovski Rock Tubes) can be used to change the style of our earrings and necklaces from our Starlight Collection.

  • There is a magnet on top of the Rock tube which can be clicked into the shroud of the earrings and necklaces. 

With its slim, clear lines and the brilliantly sparkling, double-pointed Swarovski crystals, the interchangeable starlight captivates with an enchanting sparkle.

The following shrouds and starlights fit together:

  • FOREVER: Moonlight, Jet & Metallic Crystal Silver
  • INFINITE LOVE: Light Chrome, Bermuda Blue, Fuchsia
  • SILENT POWER: Golden Shadow

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