The idea behind L'AMOTION is the
power of thoughts. 
We are convinced that what we send out comes back to us. 



In a fast moving and stressful world, 
we have forgotten to look and listen properly.

You provide the ideas and inspiration for L'AMOTION - 
with your stories, with what you have experienced and with 
what you want to tell the world about you.




As soon as you set your L'AMOTION ring in motion, you send a very personal message. 
By turning it, the power of your message becomes visible - to both yourself and to others. 





I got the idea for L’AMOTION at a time when I realized the big power and impact of our
own thoughts. Most of all, I started to understand how much life can be enriched with the right perspective or with the right messages.

If people asked me what was the most important to me in my life, my answer would be: "Gratitude and passion." Gratitude for so many things in my life and passion for everything I do. For me, L'AMOTION is more than just jewelry. It is an attitude to life. The messages should remind me of what is really important to me, to give me the courage and strength to go my own way - far from expectations and pressure. L'AMOTION reminds me to listen to my heart and to follow my own path.




With the JEWELCATION concept, L'AMOTION combines two areas to create a fusion that has never existed before in this form: a symbiosis of jewellery and communication. Jewellery is transformed from a subjective statement into a clear message - a message to someone special, to yourself or to the whole world. The jewellery is given an entirely new meaning - a communicative "responsibility" - by its wearer, and therefore has a unique value, separating L'AMOTION from all other brands. 


Our head office is based in Innsbruck / Tyrol.
At the foot of the Nordkette - THE JEWEL OF THE ALPS we create our jewelry pieces and work on new ideas.