INFINITE LOVE Necklace (Bermuda Blue)


From a mind filled with infinite love comes the power to create infinite possibilities. Be open to love, give love and receive love. And see all the possibilities that life offers you with it! 


  • silver rhodium plated
  • There is a magnet in the upper part of the case
  • Chain length: 58cm + 10cm¬†

Starlight (Swarovski Rock Tube Bermuda Blue):

  • interchangeable with magnets

With its slim, clear lines and the brilliantly sparkling, double-pointed Swarovski crystals, the interchangeable star light impresses with an enchanting sparkle. 

Possible other star lights (Swarovski Rock Tubes) for this case to exchange/change:

  • Swarovski Rock Tube Light Chrome
  • Swarovski Rock Tube Fuchsia

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