The idea behind L'AMOTION is

The power of thought

All that you send out comes back to you. As soon as you set your L'AMOTION ring in motion, you send your very own message. 

Jewellery pieces with messages

Your story matters

Tell your story with your piece of jewelry. What is important to you, what do you stand for, how do you want to live your life. Our thoughts and inner messages shape our everyday life! Pay attention to these thoughts and messages - they shape your world!

A message to myself


They contain a message for ourselves. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF or LET IT GO are messages that remind us of who we are and what is important to us in every situation. They make us aware of our goals, strengths and confidence in ourselves.

A message to a very special person

Ring me

They serve to establish and maintain a connection between people, with love and friendship playing the most important role. FOREVER & A DAY or ENDLESS LOVE are messages to partners, children, parents, siblings or friends.

a statement to the whole world


These are messages about us that we send to others. With messages like WANDERLUST, BEASTMODE or DIRTY RIDING, we demonstrate our lifestyle and what our greatest passions are.

Join L'AMotion World

Let's spread positive and powerful messages & affirmations

At the end of 2016

Brand launch together with Cadenzza (a new retail concept from Swarovski)

In the second half of 2016 we launched L'AMOTION in all Cadenzza stores worldwide (Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Asia, ...) After more than a year of product development we were incredibly happy and excited to launch our rings with the JEWELCATION concept. A big highlight was the Cadenzza campaign together with Lena Gercke (in this picture she wears our "Soulsister" ring).

Next steps

New markets & Product Development

In 2017 we also started our own sales in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Our jewelry was now available in selected jewelers and concept stores. 2018 was also a year with a great focus on the development of new designs and products.

Professional online sales

New products and new website / onlineshop

In 2019 we expanded our product range and launched the new Starlight collection consisting of earrings and necklaces made with Swarovski elements. We also launched new bracelets and some basics to offer our customers a larger selection. Another important step was the renewal of our website and our online shop in order to be able to offer our customers a better service and to strengthen online sales.