Size Chart

L'AMOTION currently offers four different ring sizes (52, 55, 58, 60, 62). This is always the circumference in mm.

Conversion table:

  • 52mm circumference = 16.6mm inner diameter
  • 55mm circumference = 17.5mm inner diameter
  • 58mm circumference = 18.6mm inner diameter
  • 60mm circumference = 19.1mm inner diameter
  • 62mm circumference = 19.8mm inner diameter

The L'AMOTION ring can be worn on any finger. 

determine scope    

1. Determine the circumference with a suitable ring

If you have a ring that fits you, you can use it to easily determine your ring size. Simply measure the inner diameter and find the correct size in the size chart. 

2. Determine circumference with thread
The ring size can be easily determined with a thread: Simply wrap it around the desired finger and measure the length. Attention: the ring must fit over the knuckle!

3. Determine scope with app
There are also practical, free apps (ring sizer) that can be downloaded for precise ring determination. All you need is a ring that fits particularly well.

It should be noted that the fingers of the left and right hand usually have different thicknesses and that the time of day or temperature can change the circumference of the fingers. Therefore, you should always measure on the finger on which the ring will later be worn.

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